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Address: Carberry Way, Weston Coyney ST3 5QU
Principal: Mrs Georgina Frost

Lower Foundation

Term: Autumn Term 1

CLJ topic: Incredible Induction

Our topic for this half term is….’Incredible Induction’
We are so excited to be starting a new school year and welcoming our new children into the Lower Foundation Unit. We know that this is a big step for both children and parents and we pride ourselves in making this transition as easy as possible for all. Our children will be immersed into a world of exploration, learning and fun! They will be provided with a range of activities, both indoor and outdoor, that will grab their attention and encourage them to become inquisitive learners.
We will work very closely with parents during your child’s first few weeks at school and the gradual induction will help them to feel safe and secure in a new setting.
If you have any question, no matter how big or small, please come and talk to Miss Thorley and your child’s Key Worker. We are all very approachable!

Upper Foundation

Term: Autumn Term 1

CLJ topic: New Beginnings

We are so excited to start a new year with our new children in Upper Foundation. This is a time to get to know each other and other members of your family. It is a time to find out what your child likes to do and for them to share their interests with us. Look out for a letter coming home early in the term to ask for your child’s interests and hobbies. We will then base our yearly planning around this.

Here at Park Hall we pride ourselves on providing a child-led curriculum to inspire and challenge our children through their personal interests. We encourage our children to 'take the lead' so with this in mind, please be aware that topics may change throughout the half term.

Year 1

Term: Autumn Term 1

CLJ topic: Superheroes

Come and join us on our Superheroes adventure!

We will be looking at some real life superheroes from the past and learn about our Park Hall Team Mascots. Next stop we will be learning about real life Superheroes! A special visit from the Police and Fire Service which may inspire your little ones to become a real life superhero one day too!

Year 2

Term: Autumn Term 1

CLJ topic: An Eye on London

Our topic this half term is 'An Eye on London'. Our role play areas have been transformed into a 'Buckingham Palace' and a 'Pudding Lane Bakery'. Children have the opportunity to dress up as Royal Guards and Princesses, look after 'Prince George and Princess Charlotte', 'have tea with the Queen' find out what it was like during 'The Great Fire of London' and make bread and cakes to sell. During this half term we will be making models , painting portraits of The Queen and Royal Guards and creating scenes from The Great Fire of London. The fire service will also be paying us a visit to allow us to make comparisons between modern day fire services and how fires would have been put out during 'The Great Fire'.

Year 3

Term: Autumn Term 1

CLJ topic: We will rock you!

Ugh! We will travel back in time and meet our ancestors in our new topic for Autumn Term 1. We are going to find out what life was like for real-life Flintstones, living in Ancient Britain from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We will become a caveman or woman in our role-play area and learn how prehistoric people lived and hunted using primitive tools. We are going to be decorating caves with paintings as we look at animals from this period of time including wolves, bears and the woolly rhinoceros! Finally we will investigate Stonehenge and hopefully create our own replica of this world famous monument out on the school fields! Our science learning links to our 'We Will Rock You topic' and is called Rocks and Soils. We will be investigating, comparing and grouping together different types of rocks, finding out how soil is formed and fossils are created.

Year 4

Term: Autumn Term 1

CLJ topic: Roman Raiders

Did you know… the Romans used to eat dormice and other weird food like flamingo?
Did you know… the Romans used to eat dinner lying down on couches?
Did you know…Roman soldiers were partly paid in salt (‘sal’ in Latin)? This is where the word ‘salary’ comes from!

Find out more remarkable Roman facts in our exciting topic this half term. We’ll be learning all about the Roman Empire, including re-enacting Roman army formations, fighting to the death as a gladiator and what the Romans did for us. And finally, who was Hadrian and why did he build a wall?

Be prepared for…a Roman invasion of year 4!

Year 5

Term: Autumn Term 1

CLJ topic: To Infinity and Beyond!

Come and explore the wonders of the Universe. For our budding scientists we’ll be answering questions such as:
How far away is the Earth from the Sun and the Moon and how do their sizes compare?
How do we get day and night?
Why does the Moon appear to be different shapes at different times?

We’ll look at Space travel and exploration throughout History including the Moon landings and we’ll be blasting off into Space when we research, design and make rockets.

We will be blasting off to an exciting, fun-filled day of exploration at Jodrell Bank!

Year 6

Term: Autumn Term 1

CLJ topic: Monarchy Madness

Do you know who William the Conqueror was or how a King or Queen is crowned? Do you know who captured the images of our Monarchs? Which iconic Kings and Queens of England do you want to find out about? During this half term you will learn and teach your friends about this and more!

Step back in time and find out about what it was like to be a Kind or Queen of their time. What was it like to live in a castle without central heating and electricity? Where did the Kings or Queens live and what are they famous for doing during their life time?

Is it possible to trace the family tree of our current Queen to some of the famous Kings and Queens? Are they actually related? Well, by the end of this term you will be a river expert!

Explore a British castle in our marvellous research realm where you can discover the answers to your questions- what do you want to find out?
Use your Art and Design and Technology skills to create a model of a castle. How many realistic features can you include?