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Address: Carberry Way, Weston Coyney ST3 5QU
Principal: Mrs Georgina Frost

Park Hall Parliament

At Park Hall Academy we have an outstanding School Parliament which is made up of 24 pupils from Year 1 through to Year 6. School Parliament members are democratically elected by their peers to represent the views of all of our fantastic pupils and to ensure the pupil voice is heard. Parliament meetings allow the opportunity for Parliament members to be able to discuss their ideas and share opinions with school Leaders on a regular basis. Any pupil who shares a concern or has a brilliant idea with a School Parliament member will find that their concern or suggestion is promptly passed on to the full Parliament and acted upon.

School Parliament meetings follow an agenda created by its members and are led by our Chairperson and minutes are taken by the secretary. These roles are rotated so that all members can share these positions of responsibility.

The School Parliament has been responsible for many school improvements over the years. Most recently this involved the designing of a brand new outdoor learning area which is very popular with all our pupils. School Parliament also purchased our first Park Hall pets, two rabbits and two guinea pigs. The School Parliament also organised a whole school vote to name the pets.

Being a member of the School Parliament is a really responsible position to hold, but one that is embraced whole heartedly by our enthusiastic and hardworking pupils.

Our School Parliament Aims;

  • To represent the pupil voice
  • To be a role model for equality and democracy
  • To encourage pupils to share their ideas and opinions for school improvements
  • To ensure all ideas or concerns are passed on, discussed and appropriate action taken by the School Parliament

Our School Parliament Members 2015

  • Year 1: Alfie, Nevaeh, Kiera & Louis-Kai
  • Year 2: Jensen, Mya, Grace & Reuban
  • Year 3: Rhys, Lily-Grace, Bradley & Lydia
  • Year 4: Ruben, Lydia, Corey & Evie
  • Year 5: Holly, Mason, Georgia & Logan
  • Year 6: Francesca, Kai, Scarlett & Dean

Junior Leadership Team

We are proud to be the Junior Leadership Team at Park Hall Academy. We are Maddison, Scarlett, Alisha, Luke, Kelsey, Laura, Dean, Lewis, Jack, Libbie, Megan, Fozia and Francesca. We welcome everyone to our academy. We are excited to have such an important role to play in our Park Hall family. Our team believe that we have what it takes to carry out this role to the highest standard possible.

Our purpose is to make sure that we help all children, staff and the leadership team to make Park Hall Academy the best school ever.

We want to help every child in our family to be the best they can possibly be. As Junior Leaders we are perfect role models for children to follow. We follow all our school expectations and values. Individually we respect every pupil and member of staff and hope that they achieve their dreams in life. We reward children with team points for outstanding behaviour. We encourage pupils to try their best and challenge themselves. We always treat pupils fairly and equally. We make sure that we wear our uniform with pride.

We are always here to help and try to build others self-confidence so that everyone participates in their learning journey.

We are proud to attend such a wonderful academy and are proud of our team of caring staff and polite and passionate pupils.

Park Hall Academy Playground Leaders

At Park Hall Academy we have a large team of enthusiastic Playground Leaders from Year 2 through to Year 6. Playground Leaders volunteer to play games, help children to find others to play with and generally try to make sure all children on the playground are happy and safe.

Being a Playground Leader is a very important role and so we all had to apply for the position in writing to the Principal, Mrs Frost. We have regular meetings with Mrs Frost and the two Lunchtime Supervisors who oversee Playground Leaders, Mrs Jenkinson and Mrs Rockey. All Playground Leaders have also had training where we learned lots of different fun games we could lead on the playground to engage lots of children in active play.

We have baseball caps and a yellow bib to wear on the playground so that children and Lunchtime Supervisors know who we are and where to find us if they need us. We love making our playgrounds happy places for all our pupils.

Our fantastic Playground Leaders are;

  • Year 2: Megan, Maddison, Tia, Logan C, Logan B, Billy, Mya, Amaya, Leila, Daisy, Joshua, Theo, Morgan, Connie, Jamie-Leigh and Francesca
  • Years 3 and 4: Shania, Roxie, Jessica, Maddison, Lily-Grace, Joshua, Liam, Taylor, Isabel, Ella, Ben, Paige and Chloe
  • Years 5 and 6: Chelsea, Neha, Tia, Georgia, Macie, Joshua, Porsha, Emily, Jasmine, Brooke and Ellie

Together Everyone Achieves More

At Park Hall Academy one of our expectations is Work Together. We help one another and cheer each other on. If anyone in our team is struggling, we are kind and helpful and we share ideas together. We never give up and try our best and we always encourage each other.

One of our values is Teamwork. We are one big team who care for one another.

Throughout the year we have exciting Team Days where we wear our coloured team tops and we work together to be creative. Sometimes we compete against each other. It’s not the winning that matters it’s the taking part and the teamwork. We have also taken part in enterprise activities and we show that we care about our community. We enjoyed making soup for elderly people within our community.

On team days we learn with other teachers and our older pupils help our younger pupils. We love helping each other.

Team Dahl

We are the Team Leaders of Dahl, Emily, Grace and Francesca.

As Park Hall love reading, Roald Dahl was one of our favourites. He was a most extraordinary children's author loved by children and adults. Roald Dahl was born in Cardiff in Wales on 13th September 1916 and died in 1990. Some of his best known characters include, Matilda, Charlie, Mr Willy Wonka, The BFG, George and many more.

One of his greatest quotes is:

"So please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away and in its place you could install a lovely bookshelf on the wall".

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Team Nightingale

We are the team leaders of Armstrong, Sami, Lexi and Morgan.

The lady of the lamp represents our caring and loving family here at Park Hall Academy. She helped wounded soldiers in the Crimean war. She made hospitals cleaner and was a very kind nurse. We love learning about Florence in History.

Team Armstrong

We are the team leaders of Armstrong, Maisy, Lily May and Charlie.

Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. He exclaimed;

"One giant step for a man, one giant leap for mankind".

Armstrong represents Science and is an inspirational hero.

Team Matthews

We are the team leaders of Matthews, Feya, Jack and Jessica.

The Wizard of Dribble. Last year we celebrated Sir Stanley Matthews' 100th birthday. Jean Gough, Stanley's daughter came to visit Park Hall to join in with the celebrations.

He was believed to be the greatest footballer of his time. He was the best team player and sportsman because he was never booked or sent off the football field. He was called the "first gentleman of soccer".

Meet the Be Safe Committee

We are very proud to be members of our Be Safe Committee. We are Ella, Harrison, Bradley, Lily, Connor, Harrison, Louis and Sunny. Our class friends and teachers voted for us to be part of the committee.

The Be Safe Committee plays a very important role. Our main objective is to make sure that everyone feels safe both in school and beyond the school gate. We care about everyone in our Park Hall Family. We work with P.C.S.O. Scott Swann, Mr Eardley our Site Supervisor and our amazing Leadership Team to keep our environment safe.

One of our expectations is "Be Safe" and we make sure that we follow this expectation. We have a right to feel safe and a responsibility to help others feel safe too.

We make sure that our children are safe online. Evie the Elephant is our E-Safety Mascot and she never forgets the importance of E-Safety. We remember never to chat with strangers. We keep our passwords to ourselves. We remember to be caring and friendly when we are talking to people online. We do not accept Cyberbullying and our children know to tell a trusted adult if anyone is hurting their feelings or being unkind. We are proud to be leading assemblies about E-Safety and the work of our committee.

Children in our school feel happy and safe because everyone as Park Hall cares about everyone else. Our children always know who to speak to if they are feeling worried. We are proud to have friendly, helpful and honest children who take care of each other. We do not accept bullying!

We are very lucky to have a Be Safe Committee and we cannot wait to begin working with Team Park Hall. We will soon be writing to parents about our work and asking them to help us by parking safely outside our school.

Be Safe! Be Happy! Be Proud!