Proud of our Sporting Achievements We are very proud to have received the Gold Accreditation of the School Games Mark for the third year running! This is a Government led award scheme to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and wider community. We are committed to achieving this acclaim again this academic year. This will then enable us to apply for the highly sought after Platinum award.

Our Inspiring Sporting Curriculum

The children at our academy experience a wide variety of alternative and popular sports throughout the curriculum and as part of our extensive programme of enrichment opportunities. All children receive at least two hours of high quality Physical Education every week. In addition to this, we ensure that our children engage in active play at lunchtimes.  This enables us to achieve our aims which are:

  • To increase the participation levels of children in physically active play
  • To ensure that children develop healthy, active lifestyles
  • To develop a range of engaging events/activities.
  • To build self-esteem in children
  • To promote inclusive practice and participation rates in Physical Education.
  • To ensure that children demonstrate our values of Honesty, Enjoyment, Achievement, Respect and Teamwork whilst engaging in physical activity

We employ a Specialist Sports Coach to assist in the delivery of our curriculum to ensure that our provision is highly effective in engaging all children in physical activity.

Our skilled teaching staff engage children in additional physical activity across the curriculum. We promote cross-curricular learning and children can be seen participating in physical activity in other lessons!


Developing Sports Leaders of the Future

Gifted and Talented Pupils at Park Hall Academy are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills by becoming a Sports Ambassador. Our Ambassadors lead, manage and officiate school games activities throughout our academy. Our Ambassadors are sporting role models for their peers and younger members of the Park Hall Family. They collaboratively lead parts of the PE lessons and use their talents to develop the skills of others.

Competitive Sports

Children enjoy representing our academy in the many and varied competitive events at a Trust, Cluster, District and City Level. We have an extensive calendar of competitions which provide opportunities for children to represent our academy. Opportunities are inclusive to all children, including children with identified Special Educational Needs, children in receipt of Pupil Premium and Gifted and Talented pupils.

Our children demonstrate excellence when competing in these events. This extends to both the children’s sporting skills and to the manner in which they support their team members too.

We are always congratulated on our children’s sportsmanship when they engage in competitive events. Whilst we aim to win all events, our children automatically congratulate other teams on their success too!

We promote our sporting successes, of which there are many in a variety of ways. .

Extra-Curricular and Engagement of pupils in Physical Activity.

We are extremely proud of the wide range of sporting opportunities which our children are able to access beyond the school day. We provide access to different types of sporting activities, including disability sports ranging from Golf, Bocca and Para-olympic sports.