Our Learning Journey Curriculum

At Park Hall Academy we believe that enjoyment and creativity is at the heart of our curriculum.

At Park Hall Academy, we have the highest aspirations for all children. We have an ambitious vision for our curriculum which is centred around inspiring a love of learning and enabling our learners to be successful, independent, confident, and resilient learners who see their futures as full of possibilities.

All Aboard The Learning Journey.

Our mission statement is continuing the learning journey together, and we recognise that all members of the Park Hall family are lifelong learners.  We are committed to ensuring that our children make connections between their learning so that knowledge and skills become embedded enabling learners to  know more, do more and remember more

We identified four curriculum 'Big Ideas'- 'Every Child A Reader' (no exception), 'A Love Of Learning' (big ideas for curious minds), 'Expert Learners' and 'Be Inspired; Be Aspirational'. Our curriculum 'Big Ideas' identify essential elements that underpin all curriculum areas and reflect the needs of our learners.

To represent our learning journey, we have developed a visual representation of our curriculum based around a London tube map. This is designed with 'Dahl District' at the centre, representing the English curriculum which is at the heart of our journey as reading is the key to all learning.

This overlaps all the curriculum lines representing the connections across and between all of the subjects. Each subject line also intersects others as when connections between learning are made explicit, learners are able to secure and retain their knowledge, apply skills and build on prior learning. Our foundations begin in the Early Years, with the tube map linking to our Early Years curriculum, as this is where our learners' journey begins.

Each curriculum line is named after an inspirational figure, from a diverse range of backgrounds. This enables our children to imagine their future aspirations as each influential figure began life as a child with a dream. I will learn has become designers, artist, creators, scientists, and more. Our learning environment brings our curriculum to life and insures that our key concepts are highly visible to all. Any visitors to our academy will be able to see our curriculum as it 'leaps off the walls'. This ensures that children are continually immersed within the curriculum as their learning journey progresses.

Through the use of 1-1 iPads (Year 1 to Year 6) we provide opportunities for children to develop as independent and critical thinkers. Children are able to exhibit their skills and knowledge using innovative and creative techniques made possible through the use of technology. Ipad technology is used to enhance the curriculum and contributes to aspects of learning and teaching opportunities.

We hope that our website provides a clear overview of our curriculum, however should you require further information regarding our curriculum please do not hesitate to ask any member of our team.

Our Learning Journey overview for this year can be found here:

Our values are at the heart of everything we do