Our Learning Journey Curriculum

At Park Hall Academy we believe that enjoyment and creativity is at the heart of our curriculum.

Our curriculum is developed in collaboration with all members of the Park Hall family. We seek to ensure that all learners are excited and immersed in the learning journey. We respond to the children's interests and are directed by the pupil voice. The children’s learning journey begins with the engagement and immersion into high quality, engaging books and texts. Cross-curricular learning is centred on the text where children are able to develop new skills and knowledge through inquiry based learning, committing them to their long term memory. Our carefully planned curriculum ensures that children are able to build on their prior knowledge to develop additional skills and knowledge whilst also being able to reflect on what they have already learned.

Through the use of 1-1 iPads (year1 to year 6) we provide opportunities for children to develop as independent and critical thinkers. Children are able to exhibit their skills and knowledge using innovative and creative techniques made possible through the use of technology. iPad technology is used to enhance the curriculum and contributes to all aspects of learning and teaching opportunities throughout our academy.

We believe that the learning environments are important in stimulating children’s creativity and learning, therefore classroom displays and working walls represent each text as they are studied throughout the year and to act as a stimulus for children’s learning. In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, role play areas are designed to encourage and provide children the opportunity to let their imagination come to life.

Enrichment is very important in our teaching and learning ethos; believing it enables children to learn through hands on and real life experiences. Each class engages in either an educational visit or having visitors coming into class to support the topic; bringing learning to life!

We hope that our website provides a clear overview of our curriculum, however should you require further information regarding our curriculum please do not hesitate to ask any member of our team.

Our Learning Journey overview for this year can be found here:



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