At Park Hall Academy, we aim to provide an engaging curriculum that not only teaches children about music, but also allows them to fall in love with music in whatever form that may take. Our young musicians will experience opportunities for performance, allowing them to act, sing and perform in front of a crowd and showcase their talents. Children should be able to see music as well as hearing it – developing an understanding of how it is made and what opportunities there are in music through high quality experiences in school. We want children to gain enthusiasm for music by watching live performances and take inspiration from these into their own lives. Our curriculum will be based around music that is relevant, inspires our mini musicians to shine, and allows them to have an individual love for music as well as respect for other unique tastes and principles.

Our intent, implementation and impact

Let’s Explore Lennon Line.

Our musicians ticket. An overview of knowledge and skills, experiences and opportunities, Musicians will encounter on their journey – from novice to expert.

Our learning journey