All children are actively engaged in learning so that they are able to reach their full potential. We are passionate about enabling our children to develop a real love of learning and see their futures as full of possibilities. The innovative and creative use of technology, enhances learning and teaching, immersing and enriching our children’s lifelong learning journey.

At Park Hall Academy all pupils from years 1 to year 6 are allocated an individual iPad which is used to enhance and support learning.

  • We have observed increased engagement and enthusiasm for learning. (Backed by research)
  • Increased motivation in learning
  • Development of independent learning
  • Children can approach learning intentions in their own preferred learning style, e.g. write, draw, video
  • Instant, effective feedback and dialogue between teacher and pupil motivates learners to improve further
  • Engage and motivate children to continue learning journey at home and fully engage creatively with learning beyond school.

Long term plan years 1-6

Our values are at the heart of everything we do