At Park Hall we intend to provide an exciting curriculum which offers all learners the opportunities to question, explore, investigate and challenge scientific thinking. Our scientists will gain a deeper understanding of the real and natural world around us, learning valuable life skills. We aim for science to spark awe and wonder through engaging and practical scientific based experiences that inspire curiosity, inquiry and questioning to importantly allow learners to ask the questions ‘why?’ and ‘how?’. We believe the high quality learning & teaching of science makes learning memorable. As our world is ever changing, we need to inspire a love of science learning to enable our learners to be the scientists of a sustainable and innovative future.

Intent for our Scientists

To develop curiosity, awe and wonder through scientific enquiry.
To deepen their knowledge and understanding, observing and questioning the world around them in order to challenge scientific thinking.
To explore, understand and correctly use and apply scientific knowledge and key vocabulary, enabling them to think and speak like scientists.
To use a variety of practical experiences alongside secondary sources.
To be creative and innovative, using technology to investigate, present and communicate scientific concepts and knowledge.

Scientific Knowledge and Conceptual Understanding:
Learners to use their scientific experiences to further develop their understanding of key specific ideas and make links between different phenomena and experiences.
Learners to use models to represent things that they cannot directly experience.
Learners to make sense of phenomena, seeking explanations and exploring scientific concepts.

Nature, Processes and Methods of Science:
Learners to develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific teaching of
biology, chemistry and physics.
Learners to develop and demonstrate scientific skills of enquiry, predicting, questioning, making inferences, collecting, analysing and presenting information based on evidence and understanding.
Learners to apply Mathematical knowledge and skills including counting, ordering numbers, measuring, drawing and interpreting graphs and bar charts.

Our Curriculum Offer:
Our children will become scientists by engaging in an exciting, stimulating and innovative curriculum which develops curiosity through enquiry based learning. Children are given a variety of opportunities to think like scientists, communicate like scientists and be scientists -exploring and investigating key learning questions. Children are exposed to and use and apply key terminology, building an extended specialist vocabulary to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world. Our young scientists use and apply their working scientifically skills to discover and explore phenomena, experiencing the magic and joy of science.
We believe our scientists should engage in a variety of opportunities to embed knowledge, and skills to secure their understanding of scientific concepts. Our Science Curriculum has been progressively planned in order to meet the objectives guided by the National Curriculum for Science. Our learning journey enables our children to review prior learning in order to develop their understanding of new scientific concepts.
High Quality texts provide a vehicle to inspire our scientists of the future. As a result our learners are motivated and engaged, in a creative learning journey of discovery. Children experience and encounter investigations with opportunities to work both collaboratively and independently. Active learning requires children to predict, question, make inferences, collect, analyse and present evidence in investigative learning
The effective utilisation of new technologies, enhances learners development of key skills. (EEF - Using Digital Technology to Improve Learning). Models and simulations, enable learners to experience opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. Our scientists have walked with dinosaurs, travelled through space and explored the workings of the human body. This enables our scientists to develop critical thinking, immersing learners in a world full of possibilities.



Our values are at the heart of everything we do