Junior Leadership Team



We welcome everyone to our academy. We are excited to have such an important role to play in our Park Hall family. Our team believe that we have what it takes to carry out this role to the highest standard possible.

Our purpose is to make sure that we help all children, staff and the leadership team to make Park Hall Academy the best school ever.

We want to help every child in our family to be the best they can possibly be. As senior & Junior Leaders we are perfect role models for children to follow. We follow all our school expectations and values. Individually we respect every pupil and member of staff and hope that they achieve their dreams in life. We reward children with positive points for outstanding behaviour. We encourage pupils to try their best and challenge themselves. We always treat pupils fairly and equally. We make sure that we wear our uniform with pride.

We are always here to help and try to build others self-confidence so that everyone participates in their learning journey.

We are proud to attend such a wonderful academy and are proud of our team of caring staff and polite and passionate pupils.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do