Art & Design

Join our artists & designers all aboard Frida Fields for a journey of Creative and Exploratory journey.

Our curriculum inspires our artists, through a carefully structured and sequential approach to learning. Learners engage in opportunities to develop their practical knowledge, making it possible for them to visually communicate, create their ideas and demonstrate thought. Our artists experience a breadth of theoretical knowledge, learning from the history of art. Proficiency in drawing, painting and sculpture is developed from the Early Years. Carefully sequenced, well planned, purposeful opportunities allow children to build on prior learning, making connections and refining their skills as artists. This enables our artists to develop from novice to expert, experiencing the magic through the whole story of art.

Our intent, implementation and impact

Let’s Explore Frida Fields

Our Artists ticket. An overview of knowledge and skills, experiences and opportunities, Artists & Designers will encounter on their journey – from novice to expert.

Our learning journey