P.E. & Sport

Physical Education

At Park Hall we intend to provide our pupils with an enriching curriculum which offers our children the opportunities to develop their social and physical skills, while fulfilling our Park Hall values of respect and teamwork. These values are embedded in every lesson and are at the heart of providing all children with the opportunities to compete and discover new sports and talents. Our Physical Education curriculum will enhance pupils quality of life as they are learning how to lead a healthy physical and mental lifestyle, whilst engaging in activity and exercise. Through physical education we aim to influence children's progress throughout the wider curriculum by developing their stamina, resilience and collaboration with others. Children are encouraged to develop their leadership skills and to become confident in their own self belief while showing determination, passion and honesty. We aim to release the potential in every individual.

Intent for our Athletes

We aim for:

Learners to understand the importance of healthy minds and lifestyles and practice this in everyday life.
Learners to continually progress and evolve their fundamental skills so they can implement this into the engaging and enriching sports that are offered.
Learners to participate wholeheartedly in high-intensity, vigorous activities and sports with self belief and willingness to achieve.
Learners to unearth and discover new natural talents and opportunities when performing in their desired sports.
Learners to display continuous progression, while reflecting on previous performance to enhance theie developmentand skills.
Learners to collaborate and acquire compositional ideas and develop tactical awareness in game based learning.
Learners to complete with integrity, resilience and respect with the Park Hall Values at the heart of each performance.
Learners to leave behind a sporting legacy that can inspire and motivate our pupils to succeed.
Learners to have the capability to swim at least 25 metres before the end of KS2, by implementing a specialist and targeted approach.

Learners to have the capability to swim at least 25 metres before the end of KS2, by implementing a specialist and targeted approach.

Our Curriculum Offer:
Our physical education curriculum is an inclusive, progressive and continuous development for all children. All children will be taught the benefits of physical education and a healthy lifestyle and how these will improve their quality of their life.
Our children will become athletes by developing their personal characters of resilience, independence and confidence through actively engaging in traditional sports, sporting competitions and festivals. While competing in these sports, children will become more actively engaged in physical education.
Our children will become active athletes as their skills are enhanced through the variable quality of facilities that our school offers, for example, the daily mile track, outdoor gym equipment, vast playing fields and indoor hall. This enables children across all year groups to access sporting facilities at any one time.
Through our personalised curriculum, our children will reflect on past performances and collaborate with peers to develop future experiences. All children will have the opportunities to embed these future experiences within a competitive sporting environment through inter and intra competitions. The utilisation of upcoming world sporting events will inspire and captivate our athletes to be the catalyst of Park Hall Academy sporting legacy.
Our team of 'Sports ambassadors' will promote our Park Hall values and inspire other children to become active athletes during break and lunchtimes as they demonstrate their leadership skills and good sportsmanship. Teamwork and respect is fundamental for all of our children.
The PE Passport scheme of work is utilised to ensure there is progression of skills and knowledge throughout their learning journey in physical education and through cross- curricular links with other subjects. Our children will engage in at least two hours of quality physical education every week with the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities. We offer equal opportunities for all athletes (elite, moderate, less confident) to express, collaborate and develop their skills at their own level of attainment. All children will have access to a targeted and specialist approach to ensure that they have basic swimming skills of 25metres before the end of key stage two.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do