P.E. & Sport

Physical Education

At Park Hall we intend to provide our pupils with an enriching curriculum which offers our athletes, dancers, swimmers and gymnasts the opportunities to develop their social and physical skills, while fulfilling our Park Hall values of respect and teamwork. These values are embedded within each lesson and are at the heart of providing all learners with the opportunities to compete and discover new sports and talents. Our Physical Education curriculum will enhance pupils quality of life as they are learning how to lead a healthy physical and mental lifestyle, whilst engaging in activity and exercise. Through physical education we develop children’s progress throughout the wider curriculum by developing their stamina, resilience and collaboration with others. Learners are encouraged to develop their leadership skills and to become confident in their own self belief while showing determination, passion and honesty. We intend to release the potential in every individual.

Our intent, implementation and impact.

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Our athletes ticket. An overview of knowledge and skills, experiences and opportunities, athletes will encounter on their learning journey -from novice to expert.

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Our values are at the heart of everything we do