Pupil Premium

We strongly believe that every member of the Park Hall family can achieve success when displaying an ‘admirable attitude’ and positive growth mindset (Power of Yet). Together we can remove barriers to learning through a shared ethos centered around positive growth mindsets; believing that there are no limits to our success.

The Pupil Premium is additional funding allocated to schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. At Park Hall Academy we focus upon raising attainment for all and ensuring that the achievement of all children, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, remains a priority. The intended effect of this funding is to accelerate progress and raise attainment. Pupil Premium is allocated by the DfE for pupils from who are in receipt of Free School Meals, those looked after by the local authority and children of armed service personnel.

The DFE recognise that individual schools are best placed to assess both how the Pupil Premium is allocated and any additional provision that is required. DFE guidelines state that the Pupil Premium is to be used for “the educational benefit of pupils” – it does not mean that there is any “entitlement” to the Pupil Premium for any one pupil.

At Park Hall Academy we intend to maximize the impact of our pupil premium spending. We have adopted a research based, three tiered approach to Pupil Premium spending as this ensures that the academy is able to balance approaches to improving Teaching, Targeted Academic Support and Wider Strategies for all pupils over a three year period. By selecting and focusing on a smaller number of priorities ensures that there is the best chance of success for all learners.

We intend to:

  • ensure that all members of the Park Hall family believe that there are no limits to what we can achieve and that together we make a difference
  • embed positive growth mindsets and a belief in the ‘Power of Yet’
  • provide all children with fair and equal opportunities to excel
  • diminish the difference between pupil groups
  • work in partnership with families and external agencies to ensure that we provide the very best opportunities for our children and families; enabling success.

Our next pupil premium review will take place March 2021.