Park Hall Parliament

At Park Hall Academy we have an outstanding Park Hall Parliament which is made up of pupils from year 1 to year 6. The Park Hall Parliament members are democratically elected by their peers to represent the views of all of our fantastic pupils and to ensure the pupil voice is heard. Parliament meetings allow the opportunity for Parliament members to be able to discuss their ideas and share opinions with school Leaders on a regular basis. Any pupil who shares a concern or has a brilliant idea with a Parliament member will find that their concern or suggestion is promptly passed on to the full Parliament and acted upon.

The Park Hall Parliament has been responsible for many school improvements over the years which has included the additions to our ‘Positive Points’ system as well as our own attendance mascot ‘HERO’. 

Being a member of the Park Hall Parliament is a really responsible position to hold, but one that is embraced whole heartedly by our enthusiastic and hardworking pupils.

Our academy Parliament Aims;

To represent the pupil voice
To be a role model for equality and democracy
To encourage pupils to share their ideas and opinions for school improvements
To ensure all ideas or concerns are passed on, discussed and appropriate action taken by the Park Hall Parliament