Children’s Safeguarding Board

Park Hall Children’s Safeguarding & Well-Being Board

Our class friends and teachers voted for us to be part of the committee.We are very proud to be members of the Children’s Safeguarding Board.

The Children’s Safeguarding Board plays a very important role. Our main objective is to make sure that everyone feels safe both in school and beyond the school gate. We care about everyone in our Park Hall Family. We work with Mr Oldham our Site Supervisor and our amazing Leadership Team to keep our environment safe.

One of our expectations is “Be Safe” and we make sure that we follow this expectation. We have a right to feel safe and a responsibility to help others feel safe too.

We make sure that our children are safe online. We remember never to chat with strangers. We keep our passwords to ourselves. We remember to be caring and friendly when we are talking to people online. We do not accept Cyberbullying and our children know to tell a trusted adult if anyone is hurting their feelings or being unkind. We are proud to be leading assemblies about E-Safety and the work of our committee.

Children in our school feel happy and safe because everyone as Park Hall cares about everyone else. Our children always know who to speak to if they are feeling worried. We are proud to have friendly, helpful and honest children who take care of each other. We do not accept bullying!

We are very lucky to have a Children’s Safeguarding & Well-Being Board and we cannot wait to begin working with Team Park Hall.

Be Safe! Be Happy! Be Proud!