Join Our Geographers All Aboard Attenborough Avenue For A Journey of Exploration and Fascination Around Our Wonderful World – From Novice to Expert.

At Park Hall Academy we provide an exciting and engaging curriculum which deepens all learners understanding of the world around them by bridging divides and bringing people together. Our high-quality, carefully planned geography curriculum inspires pupils curiosity and fascination about the world, and its people, that will remain with learners for the rest of their lives. Our Geography curriculum provides a breadth of content with clear connections between the knowledge and skills our geographers need to learn. We develop learners curiosity by including personal places of interest into the learning journey. Our geographers develop a strong sense of identity, which builds upon having a secure locational and place knowledge, understanding human and physical processes and equipping our learners with geographical skills. At Park Hall Academy, we inspire a love of geography learning and create expert geographers of the future.


Our Intent, Implementation and Impact.

Let’s Explore Attenborough Avenue

Our geographers ticket. An overview of knowledge and skills, experiences and opportunities, geographers will encounter on their journey from novice to expert.

Our Learning Journey