Design & Technology


Design & Technology

At Park Hall Academy, we are committed to preparing children for a rapidly-changing world. Our vision is for children to use creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. Design and technology is an inspiring, practical, meaningful, memorable subject.

Intent for our designers

We aim for:

Learners to research and design innovative appealing products that are aimed at particular audiences. Designers to communicate their ideas through discussion, sketches, diagrams and through the use of technology.
Designers to have confidence selecting and using a wide range if tools and equiptment to perform practical tasks, with accuracy.
Designers to use a wide range of materials appropriately with efficiency.
Learners to investigate and analyse a range of products.
Learners to evaluate their own products and ideas against a design criteria, considering the views of others. Designers to understand key events and individuals that have helped shape the design and technology world.
Technical knowledge
Learners to apply their understanding to build complex structures. Learners to understand and use mechanical and electrical systems. Learners will apply their understanding of computing.
Cooking and nutrition
Learners understand and apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet. Understanding where food come from.
Learners can use a range of cooking techniques to prepare and cook dishes.
Learners to see that design and technology requires a broad range of subject knowledge, understanding that they are able to draw upon disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art to apply, extend and improve their products.

Our Curriculum Offer:
Our designers, makers, craftspeople & food technicians will become educated in the world of technology and manufacture, using and developing their creativity, imagination and problem solving skills. Our curriculum has been thoughtfully produced, including the National curriculum objectives, links to termly topics and the vision that learners will have varied opportunities as they progress through Park Hall.
Our teaching approach instils and introduces to children, the field of human endeavour and empowers them to become people who see the world as a place of opportunity where they can, through their own thoughts and actions, be innovative in an ever-changing world.
This is achieved through exposure to some of the great engineers, designers, architects and inventors, alongside the rethinking of physical objects. We understand the need to allow learners to validate the quality of their decision making, understand the constraints of materials and develop cognisance of key ideas, throughout the subject. Furthermore, our role as teachers in D&T is to facilitate learning, rather than moulding it. Supporting our designers to develop the skill of team work and discussion will lead to a learner that is a capable, confident and competent individual, who seeks to improve initial ideas and finished products.
We want all of our learners to envisage what might exist in the future and have a breadth of knowledge of tools, mechanisms and structures, that they can use to support their ideas. Building a passion for innovation and problem solving is crucial to produce a strong-minded generation, ready to pursue their dreams and ideas, with confidence, knowledge and skill. The opportunity to make mistakes and to refine products produces critical thinking, that results in greater understanding.