At Park Hall Academy we intend to immerse our learners in a carefully-planned, historically rich, balanced curriculum, which challenges all learners to build upon prior learning and ensures progression. Our young historians will use newly acquired skills to fill in the gaps, infer and imagine how life might have been in the past. Through travelling back in time, we will ignite a passion in our learners to develop a sense of identity, a cultural understanding and sense of heritage. Learenrs will use this evidence to imaginatively reconstruct the past.
At Park Hall we are making history every day, on our very own learning journey from Nursery to Year 6.

Aims for our Historians
We aim for:
By becoming historians, learners will gain a knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world and how it has affected the present.
Learners to make connections to local histories and significant individuals who have shaped the past.
Learners to develop historical enquiry skills, such as to be able to research, interpret and analyse evidence.
Learn meaningful knowledge of a historical period, setting and concept to make inferences, construct arguments and debates.
Learners to explore, understand and correctly use key historical vocabulary enabling them to, ‘think and speak like historians.’
Learners to use high quality primary and secondary sources to delve into the past. Learning about significant individuals and how to use evidence to construct and challenge historical events.
Learners to contextualise their identity within the history of their local community, Britain and the world.
Learners to regularly revisit key historical concepts and terms to develop secure knowledge that they can transfer to new historical learning.
High quality learning through a well planned, progressive curriculum that provides opportunities for learners to apply prior knowledge so that it becomes secure in their long term memory for future learning.
Learners to bring history to life using innovative technology to present and communicate historical concepts and knowledge.
Learners to develop their historical knowledge through high quality texts, both non-fiction and fictional texts.