Arrangements for supporting pupils with Special Educational Needs in a transfer between phases of education or in preparation for adulthood and independent living

To ensure a smooth transition into school, parents and children receive the following support:

  • When children join the school in the Foundation Stage, we offer a home visit in order to meet the child in their own environment.
  • All parents are invited to an induction meeting, where they are given lots of information about the school before their child starts school.
  • We also hold a series of transition sessions where the child and parent come to spend time in the Foundation setting.
  • Children and parents who are interested in joining the school in other years, are encouraged to visit the school. When a child joins the school, we ask parents to share any concerns they may have regarding their child. Where a child has previously been identified as having a special educational need or disability, we will hold a multi-agency meeting to gather information so as to support the child and keep him or her safe.
  • As necessary the school will request training e.g. where needed for medical interventions. We communicate with previous establishments to support a child’s transition and for some SEN pupils, a phased transitional period may be offered to help the child to settle where appropriate.


To ensure a smooth transition between year groups in school:

  • There is the same consistent approach in promoting positive behaviour, with each following the same school expectations and pyramid which the children are familiar with.
  • A child has a full week to prepare them for the next stage in their learning journey. Teachers and children get to know one another and positive relationships are developed which allow children to look forward to their next transition.
  • A child engages in activities with their new teacher which will be displayed in their new class at the start of the year, to make them feel welcome and have ownership of their new class.
  • Class teachers have transition time to pass on information about each child in their class to their next teacher.
  • Meetings between the pastoral manager and new class teacher are held to pass on detailed, up to date information about a child.
  • Medical and SEN information about a child are also passed on to the new teacher.
  • Parents are invited to a class transition meeting to find out about their child’s learning in their new class at the end of the Summer term.
  • Transition information leaflets are available for all parents.
  • Opportunities are provided for children to experience any new routines in the Summer term so they are comfortable and familiar with these.



To ensure a smooth transition into high schools the school organises the following:


  • Opportunities for the children to attend workshops at local high schools in year 5.
  • Meetings between class teachers and high school teachers.
  • Meetings between the SENCO and the High school SENCOs, where needed.
  • Opportunities for SEN children to visit their choice of high school with a member of the Pastoral team where needed.


At Park Hall, we seek to be inclusive and to value each individual pupil. This is reflected in our school expectations:


  • Work Together






Our values are at the HEART of everything we do;




  • Honesty
  • Enjoyment
  • Achievement
  • Respect


We look forward to “Continuing The Learning Journey Together” with you and your child in an environment where passion. encouragement, ambition, commitment and enjoyment are fostered.