How are parents involved in their child’s education ?

  • How are parents involved in their child’s education ?

  • We believe in building strong partnerships with parents/carers and welcome parents to participate in
    school life. We engage the support of all parents/carers at home, in school and with specific visits
    and events such as parent workshops (phonics, maths NCT’s), special event days such as Well-
    Being Harvest Walk, King’s Coronation and class/ celebration assemblies.
    • There are opportunities provided throughout the year, which allow parents/carers to work alongside
    their children on projects within the classroom environment, and parents are invited to learning
    • We have a Park Hall Family Association of which all parents/carers are invited, and encouraged, to
    become active members of.
    • Our Local Governing Committee has parent representatives who actively seek the views of other
    • Our newsletters, assemblies, parent workshops and information provided on the website all
    contribute to ensuring that parents/carers are fully involved in their child’s learning journey. The use
    of Class Dojo is an app we use to connect teachers, pupils and their families through
    communicating messages, information videos and newsletters as well as the ability for parents to
    message teachers. The academy FaceBook page is used as a window in to daily life of learners,
    where we proudly share with parents/cares photos and videos of enrichment, learning, celebrations
    • The Park Hall curriculum is broad and balanced, language rich and creative and based on 4 ‘Big
    Ideas’ – ‘Every Child a Reader’ ‘A Love of Learning’ ‘Be Inspired; Be Aspirational’ ‘Expert Learners’.
    High quality learning and teaching develops learners’ knowledge and skills through the sequential,
    progressively planned curriculum and as a result pupils learn more, remember more and remember
    more. Reading, oracy, and vocabulary are promoted throughout the curriculum through the careful
    section of texts, subject specific vocabulary and opportunities for learners to perform; enabling them
    to bring their learning to life. The curriculum overview is available on the academy website to ensure
    all parents/carers are aware of their child’s learning journey.
    • It is vital that parents /carers support their child’s learning journey through daily home reading,
    recording this within their child’s reading diary and supporting their child with homework activities.
    • During Teacher- Parent- Pupil Consultation meetings, learners attainment and progress is discussed
    and parents will know how well their child is progressing and what steps are needed to ensure
    further progress.Prior to a pupil being placed on to the SEN Register, parents/carers are invited for
    an Initial Consultation meeting with the Class Teacher where the provision and support to be put in
    place are discussed.
    • The school involves parents in their child’s learning through termly Teacher -Parent-Pupil Progress
    meetings, for a child with Special Educational Needs, there will also be an opportunity to discuss a
    child’s Pupil Passport and progress towards their targets. As part of this, teachers will ask parents
    how they will support their child at home.
    • Parents/Carers of children with an Education, Health Care Plan will be involved in annual review
    meetings with the Class Teacher and Senco. At these meetings the provision of the EHC Plan
    targets are reviewed, amended and new targets are set, in consultation with the pupil,
    parents/carers, school staff and other agencies involved. This information is sent to the Local
    Authority Reviewing Caseworker, where a decision is made on the band and provision to be put in
    place for the following year.