The arrangements for consulting young people with Special Educational Needs about, and involving them in their education.

  • All pupils have ownership of a Personalised Learning Journey, which contains all their targets, gives pupils information on what they know and can do well and identifies any gaps in their learning. The pupils can follow their progress in all subjects and have continual access to their personal learning journey.
  • Pupil views are taken during the initial consultation period, prior to a child going onto the SEN register, at termly SEN Review meetings and at Assertive Mentoring meetings.
  • Pupils with SEN have Passports and Individual Education Plans, which set out their individual needs, targets and the support needed to achieve them. As part of this, parents are asked how they can support their child.
  • Pupils are consulted each term to review their Passports and Individual Education Plans.
  • Park Hall Primary, actively listen to the Pupil Voice of all children in school, including those with identified Special Educational Needs.